DURGA fashion brand stands for environmental awareness, respect for all living beings. This is not just a greenwashing statement. DURGA brand clothing is made locally within EU

The process beholds mainly handcrafting in the form of art therapy. It is all about awareness and noticing how the creativity and imagination flows through and art manifests from pure consciousness. Clothing is crafted in home studios both in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Kuressaare, Estonia (EU) in ideal working conditions.


This imaginative process makes the brand totally out of this World, because DURGA creations are not replicable; thus there is only one single item available from anything you see on this site.


Due to up-cycling from preloved garments, collaboration with local international artists in Amsterdam. Sometimes there are a few unique handwoven materials added to the mix that have been bought in very small quantities directly from tribal artisans when traveling to exotic countries. It is not an ongoing practice, meaning - it does not make the artisans dependent on the brand, nor does it involve any factories or sweatshops. Some faux fur materials are a rare addition to the coats or costumes acquired solely from material shops in Amsterdam, supporting local businesses. Furthermore, some leftover materials are obtained from local Amsterdam markets.
Therefore DURGA brand is totally ethical and exclusive - original one of a kind fashion clothing that nobody else owns to emphasise the uniqueness of each being. 

Our business practices are as cutting edge as our clothing.


In our company one gets paid according to what one puts in.  We know that men and women both have incredible qualities and there is no battle or issue about equality. We value diversity and uniqueness, which is a gift. We operate with positive leadership and any issues are resolved through healing practices like energy healing, hypnosis and other holistic therapies immediately available within the company itself. 

YES, you saw it right -  this is the future of the ethical clothing manifesting NOW!!!


DURGA unique design clothes, one of a kind fashion clothing, ethical clothing, handcrafted

Photography Alexandra Krantz 

Model, Art Director Suzy Vilchez

Art Maarit Hänninen

Designer Dorit Kozlovski

Project DURGA "Pure Goddess" Art Coats.

To give an example of DURGA slow fashion, transparent & ethical clothing practice, this coat on the photo took about a month to make - the exclusive hand-painted art is from Amsterdam based Finnish artist Maarit Hänninen.

She painted it with love and care for a whole week. The art is crafted by hand on organic hemp (material requiring no pesticides and least water to grow) combined with faux fur bought only for this coat from Amsterdam central fabric shop.

The belt and front panel are exquisite material handwoven from fine wool  bought directly from Myanmar Chin state-tribal artisan living in most natural conditions in the mountain area 3000 m above sea level. This was a one time trip as the Chin state is generally closed from tourism and was a spontaneous

meeting with the tribal community thanks to an encounter with a local who drove there to visit friends.

Cotton lining material was obtained by Indonesian artisans on a market in Thailand also during the same journey to Asia.

Knits were added to the mix for making a matching belt with handknitted gloves.

This all came together bit by bit and the outcome manifested through DURGA designer Dorit - we can safely say that this one of a kind art coat is pretty impossible to replicate. It is a true celebration of uniqueness and ethical practice.



Materials for Yogini collection  upcycling_edited.jpg

Timeless DURGA up-cycled Yogini clothing and personal wardrobe upcycling from second hand and vintage tracksuits, t-shirts and hoodies.
Photography Alexandra Krantz (Xander Productions) 
Assistant photography Sara Fontana (Oktopussycrew)
Creative director and designer Dorit Kozlovski
Make-up artist Justine McGrath
Models Daniela, Martina, Stephanie, Ni, Jennifer, Giulia, Natalie


Timeless one of a kind fashion clothing items presented below are from DURGA Up-cycled Yogini concept.
Timeless, because it is not part of a seasonal collection.
Material is made by cutting and thrifting  various preloved 80s, 90s tracksuits and tops - upcycled into rare DURGA original jumpsuits and yoga pants, fitness outfits, dance costumes.

Our company has introduced a never-before-seen service of personal wardrobe up-cycling to create a fresh personal fitness or yoga outfit. This means one can give private preloved clothes to be upcycled by DURGA for a unique design item that fits your body and personality.


THE MAKING OF footage of the  DURGA  upcycled "Yogini"clothing concept filmed and edited by Ni Zhao (Jodie Z) - emerging Chinese artist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands



MAKING OF THE Fashion-shoot 2019 DURGA "Yogini" upcycled yoga, dance, active-wear, fitness, workout, clubbing, ecstatic dance, relaxed day-wear. Zero-waste and one of a kind fashion clothing.

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One of a kind fashion clothing for the daring and environmentally aware conscious fashion influencers.

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To create the "Brazil" Yogini Stretch Tie-up Top and Yoga Pants we have used left-over materials from the Amsterdam fabric boutiques.

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 Photography from the Photoshoot of timeless DURGA upcycled Yogini clothing captured by Sara Fontana
Main photographer Alexandra Krantz (Xander Productions) 
Creative director and designer Dorit Kozlovski
Make-up artist Justine McGrath
Models Daniela, Martina, Stephanie, Ni, Jennifer, Giulia, Natalie


DURGA, Personal wardrobe upcycling, repu
Alice in Amsterdam - Creative Waste Management Project
Photography Alexandra Krantz
Model Julia
Upcycled art clothing by Dorit Kozlovski

Thank you for visiting the shop of DURGA ethical clothing brand and colourful vintage selection of preloved items.

A company implementing sustainable practices from the future.

 Focusing on art therapy projects, conscious living and awareness in every moment - ​effortless creativity.


 With a mission to revive ancient handcrafting, natural living, loving diversity, supporting and employing locals, using preloved materials, art and upcycling.

DURGA, One of a kind fashion clothin
Fashion editorial PASSENGERS IN TRANCE
published in FEROCE magazine APRIL VOL 1
Fashion Designers: Christian Måminski, Spijkers en Spijkers, Annewil Ravensbergen, Marianne Pap, Dorit Kozlovski (DURGA), Olga Jazepova, Topshop, Monki & Weekday

In 2019 DUTCH SUSTAINABLE FASHION WEEK  included DURGA in Amsterdam Sustainable Shopping route

DURGA was also promoted by DSFW as a sustainable online brand


Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week_edited_ed


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