Luca Chiapatti photography, Model Sonia Lawicka

Photography Luca Chiapatti

Model Sonia Lawicka

Designer Dorit Kozlovski

My name is Dorit Kozlovski - the founder and creative director of DURGA -ethical clothing brand.

Recycling and handcrafting as long as I can remember, in the environment of fast fashion, mass production, modern slavery, poor working conditions, pollution, and climate change I founded the company Durga Universe to show the difference by  valuing self and all living beings, using what is available, what is organic (fabrics made from crop requiring least or no pesticides and water); and practicing creative waste management (reducing waste by upcycling and recycling).

 As a Reiki master and energy healing practitioner, I see fashion in a holistic way, acknowledging that with each individual's healing process the personal responsibility extends to conscious living and choices, and by more and more people living the example a global expansion of existence in alignment with nature is possible.


My motto is -  be creative, repair, redo, swap, listen to oneself, love thyself and notice how the environment changes.

 To work in a DURGA team means allowing imagination and creativity to unfold as a form of meditation and an effortless process. 

With its namesake derived from the fierce Hindu goddess, DURGA’s mission is to care for our present and future by uniting heart and intellect with strength, righteousness, and joy – a modern business practicing effortless creativity in harmony with nature. With the emphasis not on status, name or power, nor inventing complicated new solutions or materials (still requiring chemicals and water in the reproduction or production process), DURGA aims to empower the daring and environmentally caring beings to show their true colors by catering for their unique physique and personality.


There are enough already-produced garments for humanity to live from for at least 500 years. Using materials and textiles already in existence, DURGA’s zero-waste process aims to show that with resourcefulness and imagination, we can collectively reduce the fashion industry’s devastating impact on our environment.

DURGA stands for the revival of ancient handcrafting; upcycling from vintage garments and combining fashion with exclusive hand-painted art - collaborating with emerging artists and tribal artisans (from South America and Asia) to offer unique design clothes beyond seasonal trends.

Our main mission is to produce one of a kind fashion clothing upcycled from second-hand or vintage outfits.


 NOW we are offering a never-before-seen service of custom personal wardrobe upcycling to create the edgiest yoga and active-wear outfits for the bold environmentally aware conscious consumers.