HOLISTIC Natural Wellbeing Therapies 

REIKI - Channeling

Life Force Energy;
Distance Reiki Healing, Master & Teacher Attunements in person

Cosmoenergy Channelling for purifying energy biofield (aura), strengthening immunity, healing


QHHT - Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and

Quantum Hypnosis ONLINE  

Private Functional Yin Yoga Lessons Online

Divination and Tarot Card Readings

Pendulum Dowsing

Reiki Healing

Traditional Reiki Hand positions and Distance Reiki Healing, Reiki Master Teacher attunements

Reiki - a natural way of directing energy from measurements of light that are not available to our consciousness.

Reiki is pronounced as Ray - Key. Ray - a Japanese word means universal and referring to the Higher Dimensions of Light and Soul. Key - a Japanese word means life force energy that permeates everything and connects all.

UNIVERSAL VITAL POWERFUL natural system, which opens the flow of energy through the Reiki healer and client. Energy healing, useful for all forms of life: people, plants, animals and other living creatures.
You are welcome to book a hands-on Reiki treatment or Distance Reiki treatment or contact me for Reiki 1,2, 3 Master teacher attunements to receive this energy for your self and channel it for others.

Quantum Healing
Hypnosis Technique
&Hypnosis Online

Aligning with true self is our only purpose. "Only with awareness can you understand if you are aware or not." - Shobana/ Co-creator of Amrita Yoga.

The Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the Mind." - Ramana Maharshi


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Hypnosis Online sessions enable deeper awareness

I offer 100% private and personal hupnodid sessions online, at my practice in Amsterdam/ Kuressaare or I can visit where I am invited to assist You or anyone within Your Company to maximize potential, to let go of any underlying beliefs or habits that no longer serve, to align with True Self. These methods of hypnosis are not suggestive and offer to witness from different perspective to let go or empower, to live from greatest excitement, listen to ones body, connect with emotions etc.

Cosmoenergy Channelling

Cosmoenergy practitioner channels pure higher consciousness energy for HOLISTIC WELLBEING to wherever You are

Cosmoenergy practitioner has access to opening Cosmoenergy channels that have been initiated into ones biofield by Cosmoenergy Master Teacher. 


The primary function of Cosmoenergy channelling is to protect, clean and balance the human biofield (aura).


Cosmoenergy channels purify chakras (human energy centres), changing their programs from destructive to creative.

This leads to the proper functioning of all organs and systems within the body. Thus the process of self-healing is activated.

The holistic natural treatment will have an effect in one's whole system (not just specific organs), and will effect ones destiny as a whole. Purification from the accumulated negative energies, entities, insults and irritation creates a new outlook on life, spiritual awareness, and understanding one's purpose.
All this leads to a healthy and happy being. 

Pendulum Dowsing

The questions can be about anything you wish to know and there are no limits to ask whatever you wish - from personal life, relationships, health, just to name a few. You can measure the condition of your health, mental and physical well-being, consciousness, check the balance within your energy centres (chakras). Ask guidance in regards to where to live, about career, where to sleep or focus, diet etc. It is my pleasure to connect You with Highest Self/ Pure Consciousness. I obtain the most truthful answers by focusing on Your specific questions without personal desire for a certain outcome. An experienced pendulum user, I can also give you tips how to learn to use Pendulum daily. The art is to formulate the questions in the right way and I can give you tips how to do that. I do not tell you what you want to hear or what you should do. My aim is to connect you with your inner compass to empower, to uplift, to assist you with following Your Highest Self, to make responsible choices and decisions. By tuning in you may become more aware, since the answers are received beyond the circles made by the mind.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique