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Appreciation for the Light Bringer

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Today I want to thank a beautiful friend who has contributed in my growth and aspiration to be the best I can...

In 2005 I met a an amazing guitar player and a rebel Carlos Vamos, who inspired and showed me that it is possible to live outside the box, to bring joy to people's lives everyday day, while doing the things you love and not only survive, but live comfortably, while enjoying the beauty of traveling and life!

He showed me what it's like to put your soul out there (as the things you create from the heart represent your soul) and not to mind if unappreciative people or government conspire to take away your entitled freedom and beauty, to be persistent and never give up! Without wanting to be credited or labeled or have a big name he brought and continues to bring light in the moment of people who pass by...without planning to go to a concert or buying a high price ticket, no advertisement... just that moment of counteracting with the amazing sound...

Thanks to this great man I am in Amsterdam, the city that offers so much beauty and accepts all of my madness, I found my calling too.. and through this calling of creating from the soul I hope to inspire and involve as many beautiful talented and appreciative souls that I can.


Creativity has helped me to deal with my deepest addictions and focus elsewhere - on magic and beauty. One can run run run away or face the challenges in the midst of all the temptations, take responsibility and inspire as many as possible to keep the light of love flowing...

I have chosen the light.

Thank you Carlos for shingling your light on me and happy belated birthday!

Pescara beach.JPG

Selling the first crochet hats on Pescara beach, Italy

Ferrara Buskers Festival in Italy.jpg

Traveling and sleeping in the Ferrari that we brushed up

with Carlos.JPG

Carlos Vamos & Lindsey Buckland The Famous Unknowns.jpg

Carlos Vamos and Lindsey Buckland

Carlos on Dam Square.jpg

Carlos on the Dam square

My first stand in Iceland, Reykjavik.JPG

My first stall on the streets of Reykjavik, Iceland

My first sale on the streets of Reykjavik, Iceland.JPG

My first sale to a lovely lady from Iceland in Reykjavik.

Jimmy Rosenberg and Carlos Vamos.jpg

Carlos Vamos jamming with Jimmy Rosenberg


Carlos having fun with the authorities :)

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