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We is One

It is all about the perspective...

From an alien perspective if you would stare at the Earth from lightyears away or perhaps from a parallel Universe the Earthlings could seem as "strange" as the aliens seeem "alien" to us...

When I was a little girl, I observed my hands and asked the question, why have I chosen to be on this planet and be in this body... (I continue asking this..)

Our brain contains DMT, the molecule that connects us with the Universe *the so called sixth sense. When one takes DMT or goes into the deep meditative state, the concept of ME and the walls of I break down. The experience of ONENESS with all that is and the connection with the stars accentuates.


From the perspective of experience, knowledge and personal education, our souls are eternal and we are nothing but energy in continuous change... Our souls keep on finding new shells and adjusting with a body that can provide that familiar conscousness that we can relate to or carry on the learning and evolution from where we left...

In a way I see life as a continuous computer game with infinite levels of lifeforms and reality.

Yet, what we are used to attract, we attract again and again; until we break free and adjust to the "new".

CHANGE is something we should all be really used to as it is the MAIN condition that persists...

How many humans are holding on to the jail bars without being physically in jail? How many humans are content with the conditions they have set in their mind, illusioned about themselves and fellow beings, blaming others for their own misery.

Perhaps all of us.. with the exception of the enlightened? Most of the people on this planet are still struggeling with the concept of dualism; the reality of violence and hatred by identifying as being part of a nation, a country, a neighborhood... The stronger the conviction of being part of any particular group is, the stronger can become the disliking towards the "other" group.

Thankfully with some souls, there is no need for explanation...

When I first met Cian Muggler in Amsterdam he was painting a portrait of our mutual friend for her birthday. Ever since he said YES to the idea of doing some art and decorating clothes together, it has been a journey of pure magic with very few words needed...

Cians art is illuminous, expressive and he breathes LIFE into the clothes!!!

Durga proudly presents the "WE IS ONE" fresh collection of unique design clothes

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With love and light,


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