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Can wearing different colors enhance energy?

Chakras are energy fields. The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. Wheels twirl in a circular movement, which makes a vacuum. As a vacuum, a chakra will pull physical and mental challenges inside the body on a vibratory level. Each chakra has a purpose and needs to be in harmony with the other chakras.

Observing people on the streets, most wear black, gray, dark or bland colored clothes, maybe not realizing that certain energy can be enhanced not only by meditation etc. but also by wearing different COLOR CLOTHES...

Wearing the clothes in vibrant colors or seeing others wearing colorful outfits helps us to better focus on these colors and thus enhancing the energy fields!

Blocked energy in our 7 Chakras can often lead to illness, so it's important to understand what each Chakra represents and what can be done to feel better..

RED - physical vitality and endurance, mental perseverance and it is the center that gives you your life’s passion. The root center is also your connection to your existence. The chakra will affect several areas of your emotional self that include your sense of loyalty, survival instincts and self-esteem.

ORANGE - sensing power station, connecting you to your feeling sensitivities.

It is the center that allows you to live consciously, in the "now."

Enhances enthusiasm, happiness and joy—your inner-child.

YELLOW - mental awareness, connecting to mind power. It is the center that governs the ability to learn and comprehend.

The solar plexus center is known to govern ego and will power. It is the sun center that emits optimism and confidence.

when it’s out of proportion, it may make you sensitive to critical comments. You may also fear rejection and face eating disorders...

GREEN - heart power station, connecting emotions. It is the center that allows to love and give unconditionally. The heart center governs relationships. It is the energy center that integrates one's physical reality to one's spiritual connection.

To be more compassionate, loving, forgiving and trusting focus on green and pink!

BLUE - communication power station. It is the center that handles incoming and outgoing messages. It is through this center that we voice our opinions and our truths.

affect your decision-making skills and your honesty.

INDIGO - connection to physical body is through brain

The chakra is responsible for affecting your perspective and wisdom

Intuitive intelligence

It is the center that taps into the universal consciousness. Through the third-eye you can see things from a psychic potential.

VIOLET - Violet chakra is the spiritual connection. This chakra links to the cosmos so that ones highest potential can be reached.

It is the energy of knowingness and enlightenment.

The colors violet and white will help to balance the crown chakra, the awareness of the world is increased.

Brighten up the world by wearing colors!!!

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