• Dorit Kozlovski

The Magic of RED

Red is a primary color.

It is one of the main colors of Goddess Durga and main color of the DURGA
brand. The main symbolic meaning of red is of strength and passion.
RED makes a bold statement!
Surveys have shown that red is mostly associated with courage!

Positive Meanings of Red:
  • Virility, Sex

  • Passion, Love

  • Heat, Daring

  • Boldness, Independence

  • Action, Dynamism

  • Energy, Speed

  • Attention Grabbing, Sexy

  • Fun, Excitement

  • Vigor, Vitality

  • Courage, Strength

Meanings of Red in Different Cultures
  • In Russia Red symbolizes Communism and revolution.

  • In China, brides wear Red and it is considered a Good Luck color.

  • To most Asians Red means happiness and prosperity.

  • In India Red is a symbol of life-giving purity.

  • In the Middle East the color symbolism of Red is Danger and Evil.

  • In Greece Red is considered a dominant male color.

  • In Japan Red is considered a life-giving color associated with female reproduction.

  • In Christianity, Red combined with Green is associated with Christmas.

  • To some Native Americans specially the Cherokee, Red symbolizes the East and Sacred Fire.

  • In Amsterdam the Red Light district is the area of prostitution - meaning seduction and sexuality.

  • In South Africa Red is the color of mourning.

You can find lots of RED in Durga ethical clothing store.

I find it really important to encourage women by wearing bold colors to show courage, empowerment, vitality and increase the inner FIRE!

There is plenty of red handcrafted women's clothing in the selection of Durga unique design clothes.

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