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Contemporary Fashion Designer Breaks The Mould With New Trend

Luca Chiapatti photography,

model Sonia Lawicka

New designer brand Durga is bringing a spiritual edge to contemporary fashion with a collection of unique designs promoting consumerism that’s conscious, courageous and celestial. Shaped for fiery fashionistas that want to shine their brightest, Durga destroys egos and negative traits, replacing them with a myriad of bright colours that strengthen inner energy fields for a glow that Durga devotees can quite literally wear.

After extensively travelling the world creator Dorit Kozlovski was struck with the revelation that Western materialism has become a way of life. Even the poorest parts of the world have become infatuated with the idea of excessive ownership. The fashion industry is one of the worst offenders, with WRAP estimating that a huge £140 million worth of clothing is dumped in UK landfill sites every year. This equates to around 350,000 tonnes. The USA is even worse, with Americans shedding an annual 10.5 million tons. Shocked and saddened, Kozlovski created Durga with the intention of pioneering conscious consumerism that doesn’t compromise on style.

In an economy where fast fashion and big profits are primarily the name of the game, Durga is a breath of fresh air. Rather than religiously follow market trends the brand breaks free of conventions and creates its very own aesthetic. Every item is 100% unique and hand crafted in the Amsterdam-based atelier. Pieces are fashioned from a myriad of materials sourced from far and wide. From ethnic handwoven textiles handmade by local Laos artisans, luxurious Indian silks, rare faux fur and vintage fabrics that tell their own stories, the Durga textiles inventory is just as dynamic as the designs that leave its doors.

Dorit Kozlovski comments “Uniqueness exists in every single one of us, and Durga is dedicated to celebrating inherent individuality in all its glory. Fashion for urban gods and goddesses that aren’t afraid to flaunt something a little unorthodox,”.

The new timeless pieces capture inspiration from Dam’s sultry red light district, juxtaposed with the city’s rich 17th-century Golden Age history, artistic heritage and intrinsic eco-friendly ethos to create a wardrobe of choices that’s utterly unique. Eccentric, extravagant and brimming with a kaleidoscope of edgy colours, the latest Durga designs bring a flamboyant edge to Europe’s dull and dreary winter fashion scene.

Hennekes Boom, Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Amsterdam

Luca Chiapatti photography,

model Sonia Lawicka

Breaking free of the old time concept of a ‘Winter collection’ that has created our frivolous consumer society, Durga’s new designs are not designed to go ‘out of fashion’ by spring. The all-seasonal fashion features a rainbow of violets, lilacs, mauves, wines, plums, amethysts, lavenders and more, offering affordable clothes that don’t bare the weight of the latest ‘must-have’.

True to its ethical roots Durga refuses to conform to the conventions of high paid top models and coveted photographers. Instead all photo shoots feature local talent and locations that showcase the allure of Amsterdam. The latest shoot was made possible with the expertise of photographer Luca Chiapatti and stunning models Sonia Lawicka and Kaja Pogodzinska.

Restaurant Koevoet Lindenstraat 17, 1015 KV Amsterdam

Luca Chiapatti photography

models Kaja Pogodzinska, Sonia Lawicka

Despite being a young company Durga has already made quite the impression on the international fashion scene. The brand is continually collaborating with different photographers and artists, with last year’s surreal music titled "Forgiveness" featuring pieces from the brand’s current collection, video made in cooperation with Xander productions.

To find out more about Durga and shop the latest collection, go to: http://www.durgauniverse.com/

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