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DURGA Creations from Love

"Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds." The Buddha

DURGA is an ethical brand for conscious consumers. Specialized in handcrafting, reusing and reducing; the mission of Durga is creating from heart, reviving feminine principles, bringing joy and spreading the healing light of love. Featured in the above video are various up-cycled and recycled unique fashion designs; The focus of this post are fair trade creations within Amrita SeRVe (amritaserve.org), products specially created for this project to be taught to Indian villagers, using crochet technique and recycling plastic bags. The products were created with a mission of waste-to-wealth! With Amrita Serve vision of transforming rural India, income generation, female empowerment, self-reliant villages, pollution free environment...

Model Alena Che Dorit Kozlovski photo

"Heart bag" has been made with crochet technique from plastic bags found on the shore of Kollam beach within Amrita SeRVe project

Love and faith are the cornerstones of life. Only when we serve others with the right understanding of love and faith will we ourselves be happy and peaceful - AMMA

At present most human beings do not look at the earth as their Mother, or see ‎Nature‬ as a friend, but rather as something to own and exploit for personal and financial gain. We have lost sight of our ‪responsibility as human beings, our ‪‎dharma‬. We have become our own worst enemy. Instead of realizing that Nature gives us all we need and being satisfied with this, we take selfishly and with no thought of how it affects the whole. We have pushed Nature to a very dangerous point which could lead to our own death. Indigenous people have been warning us about our destructive way of life for centuries. We may not be able to stop the actions of others, but we can begin by changing our own lives; for when we protect Nature, everything flourishes. - Nirupama Orona

Model Annu Sreedhar

Photography Alena Che

Plastic bags found on the beach and recycled with crochet technique into a yoga mat strap.

"We are all petals of one flower." - AMMA When one petal is harmed it affects the strength of the entire flower. May the Great Mother reign supreme in our hearts once again for the good of all our relations - Nirupama Orona

Alena Che photography, Model Riturio

"Holographic Universe Bag" pattern creation by Durga for Amrita SeRVe. This unique bag was made from plastic PET bottle bottoms and plastic bags found on the beach and stitched together with crochet.

Make your every day Earth Day...

Unite to make planet Earth ‪POLLUTION FREE‬

  • Avoid using plastic bags

  • Black plastic bags cause skin cancer

  • Use cloth or paper bags to shun using plastic bags

  • Always use biodegradable plastic bags

  • Stop burning of garbage

  • Dispose of garbage at designated place

  • Don’t litter, it will make your life bitter

  • Keep your homes and surroundings clean

  • Make this world a green heaven

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Alena Che photography, Model Dorit

Plastic bags collected from the beach and recycled with crochet into a bottle holding shoulder-bag

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