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Thinking of the word goddess, the First thing that springs in mind is, that this word comes from our dualistic mindset. Things are this or things are that, the opposite; I call that 1+1=2 thinking, square thinking. 1 apple + 1 apple = 2 apples indeed, but 1 apple + 1 pear = already more complicated, where the straight 1+1=2 logic gives no useful answer, or does it?

Is God male or female? Oh yes, lets fight over that question and kill all those who might be wrong! This sounds idiotic, yet people kill each other for similar reasons. There is a more accurate divine principle at work in the universe that ends the fighting; 1+1=3; male (1) + female (1) = sexless (3), problem solved!

Other examples; man (1) + woman (1)= child (3), or a bad person + a good person = a normal person, left + right = middle, in other words there is almost always a third principal at work; for instance when the two opposites balance each other out, paving the way for a third outcome, in this case leaving the question whether godliness is male or female totally irrelevant. Gods and Goddesses should have the same agenda.

When I imagine what divine godliness means, I think about a state of consciousness, that cannot be reached while watching commercials on tv, or while being engaged in mental activity, that divides the world in opposites; Why should I choose to be politically right or left, when different problems ask for different attitudes? For example; I want the trees in the rain forests not to be cut, that is conservative (right). I want cars to use durable energy, that is progressive, left. That things can coexist is a much wider view on life.

The question whether a state of consciousness can be reached by humans, or any living soul in the galaxy, that earns him or her the name God, is a question I do not care to see answered, simple because it cannot be answered. Anyone who does answer that question is a fraud, only doing so in order to gain control over other people, abusing their fear of death. There is nothing godly about that.

Artists have been inspired by this spiritual question in all times and by simply using our ability to observe, we saw different levels of consciousness in different people. I am stating the obvious here, knowing that clichés may be boring, but that they are the most convincing truth's we all know. André Breton ones stated you only need to know your folklore sayings in order to have a good understanding of life and living accordingly should result in happiness. In my view, that is one of the wisest remarks I have ever heard, because here  André Breton manages to transcend ego, that seduces people into judging and consequently into misinterpretation. Ego divides, love unites. love is godliness, is that a cliché? Clichés may be boring, but that does not mean their beauty and significance are any less. Real beauty is all around us and can even be seen on tv. With this in mind and the request to decorate a coat based on the word Goddess I was watching a live interview with Jane Goodall on tv. When I saw her old eyes radiating love and joy throughout the whole tv show, I knew and felt I was watching a person who has reached an undeniable higher state of consciousness than most of us. In her everyone can see the divine at work, that has given her a presence in the now that is geared into the direction of godliness. It was as clear as water, I had to choose her graceful loving face as my image for the Goddess coat.

Jane Goodall is an example of a rare personality, that already at a young age dared to ignore what we have been told and started to question it. Questioning what we have learned is a start to enhancing consciousness, whether you want to call it higher or deeper, I don't care, because again, duality wants us to qualify things; high + deep = 1 divided in 2 and gives no result, but struggle and debate.

The bible has told us that animals are lower in rank and have no capacity to think and still today we treat animals accordingly. Jane in my eyes could just as well be seen as a great Artist, who's curiosity and fascination has brought us wider knowledge about ourselves, after all, we are animals too.

Jane to me, is the living proof, that a state of Godliness or intensified consciousness can be reached, not merely by meditation or living in a monastery, but also by finding silence, being curious, being fascinated, by living in tune with the environment, by appreciating the moment, by enjoying Art and music; by making the connection between the brain and the heart, thought and compassion. In short, there are several ways to enhance consciousness, to transform awareness, or in simple language; to be more happy, more often.This in my view starts with being fascinated, which will bring appreciation into action.In the Japanese culture a deep appreciation of once environment is pretty much expected from everybody and seen as good conduct. I have always seen appreciation of the environment as the core of any Art practice; Without fascination and curiosity no appreciation, without appreciation no love, without love no godliness and without godliness, no Art. The coat I designed has a drawn portrait on the back of Jane Goodall as proof that earthlings can reach a near Godly state.

The rest of the coat has black and white fields, one on each side, right and left, a gray patterned Vian style middle area and an orange/red and yellow pocket.As much as I hate to divide the world in two, as it is a truly wicked way to create unrest and trouble, I have to be realistic enough to acknowledge that our world is divided and full of conflict. This is represented by the yellow pocket. Yellow is the color of the brain, of 1+1=2 logic, which dominates our world today. It stands for the calculating logic, which gave us capitalism, industrialization, the banking system, global warming, over population, war, competition dividing us in winners and losers, just to name a few of our worldly achievements, mostly dominated by what I call; False Value. False Value we see all around us, most things are heavily over prised, while other things heavily under prised. Just think about Football wages compared to wages for children, who produce our clothes.

The orange/red pocket, a mix of yellow and red; yellow stands for the brain and the compassionate red for the heart.. So the deep orange pocket resembles the 1+1=3 logic, where the brain is connected with the heart, resulting in a logic that uses more imaginative, intuitive reasoning and compassion, which clearly results in more constructive problem solving. It is this more creative logic, that Artists and philosophers practice, also known as Gestalt philosophy; the outcome is more than the sum of the parts.

This leaves more room for the existence of a middle area, where real life takes place! Here True- and Real Value coexist. One example of how that works; a farmer spends one hour to distract seeds from harvested plants, in order to end up with one small cup of seeds. In the False Value, 1+1=2 thinking, 1 hour is far too long for such a small result, because for 1 Euro you can buy a multitude of that amount of seeds, so to work for less than a Euro per hour does not pay off. In the True Value 1+1=3 thinking, one cup of seeds gives a whole field of new plants next season, which is an enormous profit. Small businesses can coexist with big ones. I could go on talking about this subject and give endless examples of where taking a bit different angle to look at things, can improve our perspective enormously, giving us amazing new insides!I love to turn things I learned around and see what happens, for instance, now that we are talking about Goddess, take the word god in the sentence; “God is love”. Turn it around and you will get; “Dog is love”.It is just as true isn't it? Conclusion; I love my dog as much as I love god! Well don't we all! Humans love their dogs, so in fact we should love all living creatures equally. On the Goddess coat a black and a white field represent the two extremes from the dualistic tradition, of which the outcomes are struggling in the gray area on the coat, debating, fighting, murdering, destroying, comparing, judging, competing and just serving the few winners, who only have eyes for the bigger picture and not for the details, details are irrelevant, but you and me are details, individuals that make society.In that same gray area the creative “undividables”, who realize that the details are what builds the greater picture. So in the gray field, where we all live, we must accept that truth is an undulating continuity, where change is the only stable factor and where love and respect, peace and joy can be found in sharing. Notice that each shape in the gray area on the coat, is different from the next gray shape, representing individuals. A dictator says to his enemy; “you are just a drop in the ocean, you are irrelevant, so I will kill you”, 1+1=2.

The enemy replies; “so are you, the drops are the ocean” 1+1=3. Who of the two is more aware?

The coat is the expression of my hope for a “triplistic” society, with a basic income for everybody and a Transformation Economy. While I was forming my idea's about that, it was already put into practice and I am not envious to those who had the idea first, I am just feeling happier and more united.

Conclusively; To  enhance consciousness is possible and not just on an individual level, in fact we can already see it happening on a global scale all around us. It is more widely known as transformation.

Global transformation goes in small steps and my wish for a next small, but highly effective step would be, that politicians, mostly 1+1=2 thinkers, will start talking with Artists and other free 1+1=3 thinking adventurers, like equals! It will make an enormous difference for the survival of our planet, and so all my Art practice is serving that goal and world peace, by spreading appreciation for our environment, wherever we are.

The exclusive Art Coat is available in Durga webshop http://www.durgauniverse.com/#!product/prd1/4549759461/artist-vian-hand-painted-goddess-coat-jane-goodall

Photography Luca Chiapatti http://www.lucachiapatti.it

Model Elske https://www.instagram.com/meester_prikkebeen/

Model Elisa

Locations: Oosterpark, Amsterda

and Twiske, Oostzaan in the Netherlands

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