• Dorit Kozlovski

Consciousness In Flow

Photography: Xander Productions

Model, Make-up, Hair, Art director: Visual Susana

Styling and

Clothing by Dorit Kozlovski in collaboration with Munn tribe ethnic artisans, Chin State, Myanmar

Location: Tuschinski Theater, Amsterdam

I was editing the Durga website and noticed a wonderful new feature of dark cloud effect option that can be used as a background for the website.

I thought this is a perfect image to emphasize the colorful, unique design clothes of DURGA.

It reminded me of the same effect, when I occasionally enter the morning Amsterdam metro and see all the shades of black and gray, factory designs and uninspired faces, which acts like a fuel and inspires me to create something colorful and original - counteracting to the current fashion of urban minimalism.

I see that metro scene as sleeping oneness, moving to a destination to be engaged in a rat race. Someone else might see it differently, maybe they see modestly dressed calm and yet sleepy people heading to a destination to be focused in doing greater good and providing for themselves and their families.

If every event and every moment is only a subjective interpretation and everything is in constant flow, is to be in balance accepting all what is?

The only thing that is stopping anyone from living their highest potential are unresolved issues, traumas and negative views or memories that arise from the nervous system, when "subjectively" similar stimuli is experienced.

If one has adopted an identification of a hippy with an idea that getting a loan is slavery, is it in some way also a conditioning, a slavery to a certain mindset or does it hold a key to personal freedom?

Is there such a thing as liberation, when functioning in a society today the hippy would most likely seek for sponsorship, support or live off parents, government - meaning other members of the society would support their living or they would collaborate in giving and taking and owing or lending, which are also just transactions if perceived without negative emotional energy or imprint.

If one considers themselves as an anarchist which is a movement or a counter-reaction to the established system; just by being anti-something, one already creates an imbalance within.

After all have u met an anarchist dressed in leather sitting alone in the cave and participating anti-consumption?

A counter-reaction is often manifested in behavior and choices, when circumstances created and lived were considered as negative. For example if one has recently gone through a divorce, commitment in the present might not be the first thing on the list.

If one has lived a superficial life, they might be engaging in something they consider to be more meaningful later.

If one is no longer enjoying the corporate lifestyle, they might be interested to explore more natural ways of living.

The list is endless...

Is developing a conclusion from the past a pattern developed; a habitual tendency, an energy identification - perhaps manifested through lifetimes and isn't it identical with the current and popular big data analytics in computer science that chunks big data to understandable smaller information, yet can it take into account all the aspects of the point in time measured, as no point in time is ever exactly identical.

Or is changing a course in direction a fractal moving towards a corresponding vibration of an energy field that naturally aligns with the search and desire.

This could be related to what Rupert Sheldrake (Ph.d and researcher on morphogenesis, heredity, animal behaviour, psychology and parapsychology) and Terence McKenna (Ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author) discussed about causality, the Morphic field factors and the fractal design of the Universe - https://youtu.be/8Z1juW1Tvi4

What would happen if we would base today's choices and decisions without the restrictive reminders and blockages of yesterday, would causality seize to exist and could that be the only freedom there is?

What would happen if nothing would be considered a problem and life is seen as a perfect potential with every moment as a new starting point.

What if our decisions today would be based on intelligent awareness of the moment and what if we would see all past as just a lesson and leave it be.

After all life consists of everythig. The clouds and sunshine are there to compliment each other and perhaps only human beings are capable of interpreting the clouds as "bad weather", when all existence is perfect the way it is.

All scriptures were written in poetry and perhaps our immediate presence or involvement is the way to effortless living no matter what we decide to engage in.

By being aware one can stop habitual practice, as there is no such thing as good or bad habits.

Since even ethics, morals, and values can mean creating life out of someone else's understanding of life, without having a grasp of life ourselves - Sadhguru on "Effortless Living", https://youtu.be/p0lFB9n7NSY,

then effortless living is a moment to moment awareness using intelligence in spotting if we are creating life out of habitual fractals or is life an empowerment of the felt presence of the immediate experience.

If your interested to see the cloud effect on the DURGA website, check it out


You never know how long it lasts.

Unique design clothes - DURGA Dress is created from Handwoven Organic Cotton by Munn tribe ethnic artisans in Chin state, Myanmar

Handcrafted cable knit in the middle front

Dark green polyester lining with a zipper on the back

This dress is one of a kind

The material - is from fine wool and organic cotton grown in purest conditions on the slopes of the hills in uninterrupted nature. The country Myanmar was more than 50 years under the dictatorship with no foreign interaction. When I reached the Chin state in 2016, the tribes were difficult to reach as there was no public transportation in Myanmar to the Chin state, where the Munn tribe ladies with tattooed faces are weaving the exclusive fabric with one of a kind patterns by hand, making each material completely unique.

The Chin tribe women from the High mountains of Myanmar bear the scars of a barbaric ancient tradition.

When they were aged 12 to 14, these women had their faces tattooed in a painstaking process that took days to complete.

According to the legend, the tradition started to make the women so ugly that they wouldn't be kidnapped for an ancient king who wanted concubines.

Since then the tradition has taken a life of its own and is regarded as an important cultural practice among the Chin people. The practice of face tattoos began to die out as a result of the Myanmar government stamping out the age old tradition as they believed it to be barbaric. Now in the remote town only the elderly women have the traditional tattoos, as the custom is increasingly seen as outdated by the younger generations. - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4066246/Inside-Burma-s-Chin-tribe-women-wear-huge-earrings-face-tattoos-tradition-make-ugly-wouldn-t-kidnapped.html#ixzz5A73wLIKV

When you purchase this ethical luxury you are supporting a small business, respecting the ancient traditional weaving and revival of ethnic handcrafting, contributing to ethical clothing and uniqueness.

Last photo is taken by Lynn Lynn of Dorit Kozlovski admiring the Munn tribe lady in Chin state, Myanmar

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