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In November, during my last visit to Alberto Varela School of Consciousness I became aware of my path in ascending the Tree of Life.

Model Kaja Pogodzinska, Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, Lisse, Durga Photography

At the time I thought that I had evolved a bit further after quitting drugs and alcohol more than 3 years ago; using the spirit plant Ayahuasca and all the spirit work, cleaning body and my subtle energies, just to realize I was standing still, in the stage of the wolf barking at the moon (Jungian (K.G.Jung) archetype of the clouded mindset) and being stuck.

In my clouded mind during the session with the amazing shamans - the Palchukan brothers (gruppo Putumayo)from Columbia earlier on last summer I thought that the wolf was my spirit animal; well, that was just my ego trying to find a romantic conclusion to my state of affairs.

The Plastic Flower Dress, handcrafted crochet from recycled plastic shopping bags cut into plastic fabric. One of a kind Durga creative waste management

Nevertheless, I have continued to dig in my subconsciousness and understand what is keeping me in the realms of the material dualistic reality that most of us are stuck in - the drama, suffering, black and whiteness, of you did this and I did that, guilt, shame, ego based reality and hedonistic goals.

My trips to the subconscious either on mushrooms, Ayahuasca, meditation, via Trinfinity or QHHT therapy have shown clearly that every thought has an immediate effect on the body, and our center - the belly or gut really does gather all of the energy of the thoughts, so it's so incredibly important to pay attention to the self talk, resistance, how we think as it forms our outer reality, our responses to others etc.

Anything I resist or get angry about effects my own energy, manifests in my body and reflects in the outer reality or my perception of it so to speak.

The importance of understanding ones subconscious is incredible as a lot of the time in our awake state we are not aware of the subtle things that influence our daily life.

The ceiling decor of SS. Ecce Homo Church, Ragusa, Sicily

That brings me to the second step on the path of ascension on my Tree of Life - MAGIC. While all my life I've been connected to magic and we all are;

during my journey in Sicily, I've finally come to the core meaning of it.

I'm now fully aware that magic consists simply of four elements -

The holy grail - representing deep emotion, or in other words the intention that has to be charged with intense EMOTION.

The sheep - representing subconscious and IMGINTION. Meaning one has to rearrange ones subconscious in order to change outer reality.

The third element is CLARITY (focus or intention), this is why it's so important to meditate, to be in silence, to do the Advaita Vedanta practice of nothingness regularly in order to clear out all hesitations, the so called mind fuck

The fourth element of magic is simply BELIEF. Faith in what you are creating, faith in the universe, trust in life and it's support.

That is also why it is really important to choose company who support and encourage, who can give and take.

The sea of Licata, Sicily

My journey ascending the Tree of Life of continues through UNCONDITIONAL LOVE towards my highest potential in the physical reality - being the Alchemist.

Alchemist is the one who transforms all energies into higher frequencies of light and love.

They are the bringers of the new dawn.

Transmuting the old paradigms into a higher intelligence and order.

They act solely for the highest good of all.

Love is the only master they answer to.

I'm ambitious and this is my ambition. So whatever I do must align with my ambition.

This year marks my ascension.

Fair Trade Bottle Shoulder Bag , plastic recycling by villagers in Allahabad village, North India

In the words of one of my favorite singers Ian Brown "Keep what you got by giving it all way", 5 % of the sales in DURGA UNIVERSE webshop is donated to charity Amma.org and for the rest I will use to obtain the knowledge in QHHT therapy and to become a Reiki master in order to facilitate anyone's healing and process in their ascension, ONLY when they are OPEN to it.

Domenico Zora exhibition in Cefalu, bronze sculpture "The Great Mother" - photo maestro Domenico Zora and Dorit Kozlovski

Everyone has their own journey and ambition. What is yours? Look forward to finding out.

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