• Dorit Kozlovski

Letting go of "Papillon" through QHHT - Past Life Regression, Connecting with Higher Cons

Many of us are caught up in the illusion of our own theater play. I'm sharing a fraction of my play as it may benefit anyone seeking to get more awareness of their own play.

Let it be known that I am the producer, role play, the actor, I am also the script writer of my play and you are yours...

I can change the course of the illusion, anytime and so can you!

I found the ADM Terrijan in Amsterdam as a perfect place to portray the symbolic resetting and rearrangement of the play.

The boat is accessed in the deepest trance, the Theta level of human psyche.

Here one can witness an imprisoned soul caught up with the hidden beliefs and illusions of the character.

The character has carried certain patterns through lifetimes and each time they manifested in her perception and in creation of her reality.

The lost and forgotten chair of the creator from spirit dusted away; the sleeping soul under spiderwebs and dust, she has been asking her conscious mind for directions,

the way out of the prison.... only to find CONFUSION dancing and celebrating in the corner.

With the character getting in depth awareness of her blockages carried with her through lifetimes, there is no escape.

Once there is a deeper awareness and understanding where certain patterns originate and how they affect perception and manifest in attitudes and behavior, they can be released through the depths of her being with compassion and forgiveness about holding on to them, so that the character can be freed from her own imprisonment - the veil of illusion.

As self-created restrictions fade and fall off layer by layer like a cloth, the beaming light of the spirit can shine through .

Deepest apologies to everyone who feels they have been hurt through the imprisonment of the character.

Its such a relief to open up to see ones illusion and the play of one's own creation.

Some elements are carried through lifetimes. We can also meet some of the same characters over and over, until we have learned what we took on to learn.

The most profound healing occurs in the Theta level (known to us as the time just before falling asleep and waking up), this level is accessed through various plant medicines, like Ayahuasca for example and certain techniques. The level helps most profoundly in understanding the patterns, facilitating the healing of physical ailments.

This is also the level that influence ones conscious reality, where reactions and decisions during the awake state take place. Significant changes happen through the understanding on the deepest level, the only thing one requires is free will and openness to break the veil.

If the core beliefs, which are often hidden from ones awareness are not recognized nor accepted, the character keeps running against the wall, while creating a similar reality over and over again, despite any affirmations or visualizations in attempt to alter the reality.

After understanding the blockages it is important to take the steps from what is understood and learned , otherwise one remains stuck.

Dorit has recently completed the Level 1 Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy course.

She is most happy to assist you in connecting with the Higher Consciousness, Oversoul or SubConscious as referred by the founder of this miraculous technique - Dolores Cannon.

The QHHT technique can provide answers to any of your questions; facilitating the healing of your ailments and in finding out for you how to let go of your baggage.

Dorit has received awareness about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique through intention, extensive search, research and listening to her intuition, noticing the signs.

She has been further guided to become the QHHT practitioner and to practice other healing methods through connecting with spirit in order to fulfill her life's purpose.

Would you like to find out what is your life's purpose? Why are you continuing to have certain repetitive experiences, despite all seeming efforts to change? The wisdom is awaiting to unfold.

To book the past life regression session and to receive higher self guidance you are welcome to contact Dorit via website www.consciousnessinflow.com, WhatsApp +31617445898 or arrange a meeting via email dorit@durgauniverse.com. The session can only be done together and not via Skype.

The photos have been taken with artist Vian, who is exhibiting his profound art to the public on tomorrow on the 22. of June near Dam square, Rokin 112 at the venue Arti et Amicitae in Amsterdam.

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