• Dorit Kozlovski

The Seer

Is it possible that knowledge of our Oneness with God, the source of all consciousness and life could destroy our conscious existence?

God does not cease to be God when he is known as the All and the All-in-all.

Man does not lose anything of value if he rises above his finite condition to know that he is one with the infinite. In this world of divine realisation there is no place for evil or imperfection.

The realm of ego and moral struggle has been transcended. 

He who's passions are quieted and mind tranquil is one with God.

The purpose of life is the realization - the unveiling of the immortal, the birth of spiritual from physical, where divine inheritance is entered to inhabit eternity.

Union is the union of individual soul with Oversoul.

Once the psychical powers - spiritual powers perverted and run wild, drawn from the proper channel - are chasted, purified, restored the Seeer comes in consciousness in his proper nature.

Egotism is perversion of spiritual being.

Ambition is the inversion of spiritual power. 

Passion is the distortion of love. 

Mortal is the limitation of the immortal. 

Memory is but a psychical inversion of the spiritual - ever present vision. 

They must be extricated like gems from the Matrix, steadily without destructive violence. 

A world of perception is but a world of mind images - the psychic world. What is needed is not to destroy it, but raise it from the psychical to spiritual realm. 

When these false images give place to true, by the awakening of the spiritual will and the purification of mind and thought with earnestness, humility, gentle charity, which is the acknowledgement of One Soul within us all, then spiritual powers are revealed. 

The barriers to interior consciousness which drive the psychic nature to this way and that is: disease, inertia, doubt, lack of enthusiasm, laziness, sensuality, mind wandering, missing the point, instability - these distractions of the mind are the obstacles. 

Pain, despair, nervousness, and disordered inspiration and expiration are co-existent with these obstacles. For the prevention of the obstacles, one truth should be practiced constantly.

Letting go of corrupted self indulgence, the seeking of moods and sensations for sensations sake.

 When the agitations of the mind are under control, the mind becomes like a transparent crystal and has the power of becoming whatever form is presented, 

knower, act of knowing, or what is known. 

The argumentative condition is the confused mixing of the word, its right meaning, and knowledge. 

When the memory is purified and the mind shines forth as the object alone, it is called non-argumentative.

 By sympathy with the happy, compassion for the sorrowful, delight in the holy, disregard for the unholy, the psychic nature moves to a gracious place. 

Even and calm breathing means calm in the body, even and quiet tenor of life without harsh or dissonant impulses bring stillness to the heart.- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 

Recycled vintage coat hand-painted with fabric paints in naivism style has been inspired by ancient shamanic Chinese daoism Yoga, Yin Yoga, Patanjali Sutras and Pippo the Cat.

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