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Updated: Jan 26, 2020

It might seem that an outside force, like Universe or God has created suffering or beauty.

Yet it is one's choice how one perceives ones current circumstances.

That being said, the idea that one can live without consequences can be questioned.

While psychology which is relatively new science dating back to 1870s, the term reincarnation and concept of past lives, also know as “metempsychosis” and “transmigration” can be linked back thousand of years, and mentioned in ancient Celtic, Greek, Asian and Indian traditions.

Currently there is growing evidence of books and publications about possibility of rebirth and continuity, showing that some could be ready to grasp this awareness from the universal consciousness.

Also a few brave scientists have raised their heads to document their life work - taking thousands and thousands of subjects to see themselves through a different perspective and by that contributing to the expansion of possible awareness about karma. Can all of the subjects under hypnosis seeing themselves in other bodies, other lives, during different eras, wearing different clothes, having very different experiences and experiencing strong emotions, sometimes even stronger than during current life, suggest that all living beings are immortal? Buddhism addresses similar deeply philosophical questions regarding the nature of reality. One of the fundamental teachings is that all the constituent (being part of the whole) forms (sankharas) that make up the universe are transient (Pali: anicca), arising and passing away, and therefore without concrete identity or ownership (atta). https://en.m.wikipedia.org From my awareness about the history of my soul for example, I have experienced strong mistrust as a Jewish man 3000 BC, been an energy healer in 1300 BC in Egypt, an indigenous living in harmony with nature and consuming psychoactive plants in Columbian jungle AD 500, an Irish woman loving handcrafting around 1700 AD etc, I have met my current Reiki master already in Egypt, my spiritual teacher Tam on another occasion and keep meeting beings through hypnosis with whom I've had interactions beyond this lifetime.

When I look back at this life, five years ago I was behaving completely different and my understanding and behavior towards myself was much different than now. Still questioning the nature of reality, I'm open to the possibility that this life could be just as much of an illusion than the other lives experienced under hypnosis.

However, looking at this topic from another perspective - anything we do now, we reap during the possible next lives. The idea that one can live a life without consideration, like it is the last or irresposibly affects the next births, even more so, when considering a possibility that one might actually return in the body of ones own child or grand (grand) child and still receive the lessons escaped earlier.

To give some examples of proof, as evidence is necessary on this quite complex topic, there are quite many acknowledged and respected modern scientists, who have various publications on this subject.

One of them is PhD Brian L. Weiss, educated in Yale school of Medicine and Yale University, psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author, who specializes in past life regression and currently gives lectures in most celebrated universities around the World about hypnosis and past/future lives. He has demonstrated that witnessing within the theta state of human psyche is a profound tool to learn about oneself, and that it is completely safe to do so. https://youtu.be/IEHol6s406w This is also what American lady Dolores Cannon, (best-selling author and past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge, specializing in past-life therapy since 1979) has emphasized during her lifetime. Her method - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a living proof. https://youtu.be/FhjoEnG4gww During her nearly 40 year career, Dolores Cannon has written 18 books about various experiences of her subjects under hypnosis with her carefully perfected and safe method - QHHT. Through various hypnotherapists, including myself as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, by now millions of people have had the chance to experience this incredible technique and there is much evidence, that through the practice of QHHT one may release, let go and come out of a deep sleep to an awakened state of being and living a conscious life.

If anything, one might take oneself more lightly💚 (taking oneself too seriously is in my experience one of the most common causes of stress and anxiety).

Despite of this process of learning to take my own identity more and more lightly, in my personal experience from participating in various group retreats, which enabled diving into the Subconsious similarly like with QHHT, I was lacking the one-to-one element and most of the time responsibility, which i know has enormous importance in the healing process, especially with beings that have past trust issues.

From what I saw during the retreats and during hypnosis sessions with others, I am not the only one who has faced or is facing processes related to trust.

I also noticed that many facilitators, psychologists etc. just do not have the awareness or understanding yet of the energy work and deeper underlying factors related to how we perceive reality; and perhaps the RESPONSIBILITY required in this line of work so that the one experiencing the holistic treatment feels safe to playfully and openly dive into their Subconscious to find answers to any of their current questions.

This is something that is of most importance to me as an ancient soul with a lot of experience of diving into the Subcunscious; to provide truly personal and responsible one to one sessions in nurturing environment for safe journeying within.

For more info or to book a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session, contact Dorit at dorit@durgauniverse.com


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