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A new concept "Personal Wardrobe Upcycling" that may change the World!

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

With the recent participation at Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and climate emergency, DURGA has exciting news and is thrilled to announce we have just launched an artistic upcycled personal wardrobe service for environmentally conscious yoginis, daring individuals, dancers, performers, where DURGA customers can send in their personal preloved and perhaps slightly damaged or worn sportswear items/t-shirts and have us transform them into a completely new design - custom made to fit the unique physique and inner alchemy of the customer.

While there is, thankfully, a growing number of brands producing what they call “conscious” or sustainable clothing, this is usually from new innovative or more sustainable materials (still requiring water and perhaps chemicals in reproduction or production process) and not from existing textiles/materials. And this is our point of difference. It's so important to us at DURGA to create from what we already have, without any necessity for use of chemicals or new resources and not contribute to the millions of tonnes of waste already in existence.

Slow fashion label DURGA is thus delighted to introduce a new, never-before-seen service of personal wardrobe upcycling to create sustainable yoga and active-wear. The Amsterdam-based online store will now offer custom personal wardrobe recycling in addition to its existing collection of upcycled and vintage ready-to-wear.

Since 2013 DURGA has been selling rare, ethical clothing that is beyond seasonal trends. For the past six years the brand has been promoting sustainability and the revival of ancient handcrafting. How? By combining modern styles with textiles produced in most natural environment by tribal artisans from South America and Asia, exclusive hand-painted art, and collaborations with emerging artists.

With its namesake derived from the fierce Hindu goddess, DURGA’s mission is to fight for our future by living the example – uniting heart and intellect with strength, righteousness and joy – a modern business practicing effortless creativity in harmony with nature, while respecting all living beings.

With the emphasis not on power, nor inventing complicated new solutions or materials (still requiring chemicals and water in the reproduction or production process), DURGA aims to empower the daring and environmentally caring beings to show their true colors embedded on environmental sustainability. Using materials and textiles already in existence without any chemical fabric reproduction, DURGA’s zero-waste process aims to show that with simple resourcefulness and imagination, we can collectively reduce the fashion industry’s devastating impact on our environment.

Due to the urgency of climate change, pollution, and the rapid extinction of species, DURGA’s personal wardrobe upcycling service is a practical and truthfully ethical solution to this global issue. DURGA is here to show how easy it is to become more conscious consumers. Existent, damaged, or unworn active-wear from customers’ wardrobes can be sent to DURGA HQ for Founder & Creative Director Dorit and her team to transform into yoga pants, leggings, or jumpsuits/ catsuits.

There are currently very few custom yogawear companies, and DURGA’s unique aesthetic guarantees that every customer using the personal wardrobe upcycling service will receive a one-off creation that is both consciously made and comfortable to wear.

Examples of DURGA’s personal wardrobe upcycling are in the latest Yogini collection, where all of these DURGA originals were produced from leftover materials from Amsterdam boutique fabric shops, pre-owned clothes, and vintage sportswear.


On the brand and its exciting new initiative, Dorit says, ‘DURGA is for environmentally-conscious consumer. We promote awareness, mindful choices and conscious living. All DURGA originals respect the diversity of all living beings and bring forth the alchemy of their inner garden. The Yogini collection is a showcase of fashion recycling and truly sustainable creative waste management. It’s shopping with a story.'

About the Founder: Dorit Kozlovski has been involved with handcrafting and recycling her entire life. In a world of mass production and ubiquitous fast fashion, Dorit noticed there was a need to embrace each person’s uniqueness and value all living beings by using what is available, what is organic, and by practicing creativity with preloved items. A Reiki master, energy healer and in-training Yin yoga teacher, Dorit sees fashion in a holistic way: that it too, should value honesty, responsibility, embrace diversity, and respect our planet. Her goal for DURGA is to illustrate how simple it is to produce sustainably while contributing positivity and the freedom to express oneself authentically.

Where to Buy DURGA: https://www.durgauniverse.com/ Kokopelli Smart Shop & Gallery, Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam

FAC shop (For Free Spirits and Clubbers), Jodenbreestraat 50, 1011 NM, Amsterdam The DURGA Upcycled Yogini Collection Credits: Founder & Creative Director: Dorit Kozlovski (www.durgauniverse.com) Photography: Alexandra Krantz (Xander Productions www.alexandrakrantz.com) Assistant photographer: Sara Fontana (Oktopussy https://www.facebook.com/oktopussicrew/) MUA: Justine McGrath (Make Me Sparkle https://www.instagram.com/justinemcg98/) Models: Steph, Daniela, Jennifer, Martina, Ni, Giulia, Natalie

The making of DURGA Yogini Lookbook photoshoot video by Ni - Jodie Z - https://youtu.be/6C-Bn-41bwY

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