Unique design clothes from DURGA brand in collaboration with Myanmar tribal ethnic artisans from Chin state.


Luxury Ethical clothing by DURGA


Handcrafted cable knitting in the middle front


Dark green polyester lining


Olive green zipper on the back


Feminine bohemian chic handmade women's clothing


Size 36-38 EU


This dress is one of a kind, only one in the World


The material - organic cotton grown in purest conditions on the slopes of the hills in uninterrupted nature. The country Myanmar was more than 50 years under the dictatorship with no foreign interaction. When I reached the Chin state in 2016, the tribes were difficult to reach as there was no public transportation in Myanmar to the Chin state, where the Munn tribe ladies with tattooed faces are weaving the exclusive fabric with one of a kind patterns by hand, making each material completely unique.


When you purchase this ethical luxury you are supporting a small business, respecting the ancient traditions and revival of ethnic handcrafting, ethical fashion, unique design clothes.


Ships Worldwide from Amsterdam, Netherlands


Photography: Xander Productions

Model, Make-up, Hair, Styling, Art director: Visual Susana 

Clothing and Styling by Dorit Kozlovski

Location: Tuschinski Theater, Amsterdam 



Tribal DURGA Handwoven Knit Shift Dress

€159.00 Regular Price
€112.89Sale Price
  • This unique handmade dress requires gentle care as it has been made gently and with love 

    Handwash with mild temperature

    Only sent with track and trace and insurance

    Return only accepted in case of no damage or alteration, nor defects and the return posting is covered by you.

  • The Munn and Dai tribes, women with tattooed faces

    When a Chin girl reaches puberty, aged between 12 and 14, she is considered old enough to be tattooed - a symbolism of entering adult life. The tattoos are made using thorn needles and the ink is made from soot, cow bile, plants and pig fat.

    This extraordinary custom of tattooing began in the eleventh century when young maiden girls tattooed themselves, disfiguring their faces to protect them from slavery or being captured by the ruling king.

    Fewer women in the region are getting their face tattooed

    The traveling photographer said: “A legend said that an ancient king tried to make slaves of the women, the inkings were first intended to repel incomers. It was supposed to make the girls and women ugly.

    “Now, it’s their definition of beauty and they are very proud of themselves for having tattoos before the men." However, as more young women are refusing to join the practice due to the heavy fines imposed by the military dictatorship, the tradition is disappearing - http://www.barcroft.tv/munn-dai-tribes-women-tattoo-tradition-facial-ink-chin-state-mount-victoria-myanmar


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