One of a kind ethical art haute couture COAT from DURGA brand in collaboration with artist Maarit Hänninen (Finland).


This exclusive coat was born and livened by the gentle strokes of the artist Maarit Hänninen who intensively hand painted without a pause for 7 days on sustainable hemp fabric. She was using canvas paints in many layers to bring out the depth of the painting. 


She picked the colors to reflect the Durga brand vision and chose to depict the Finno Ugric mythology as the theme for the coat, which roots are deep in nature and worshipping Nature.


Every plant, tree, and animal in the Finno Ugric culture had an underlying meaning, superstition or prediction. Every bit of nature was considered to be a sign; where intuition played the most significant role in everyday life.

This coat is a collective collaboration with the purpose to revive some of the ancient handcrafting traditions and wisdom, to shed light on archaic shamanism in the North of Europe - on the Finno Ugric mythology and culture.

The coat is a modern fantasy, a blend of Finno Ugric DNA manifested from the source, soaked with divine intentions promoting the Earthly connection and love for nature.


Purely sustainable hemp canvas mixed with white faux fur.  The main material of the coat body is from biodegradable hemp, requiring no pesticides and very little water to grow.


Batik floral cotton lining completes the work of art.  


Faux fur pieces have been cut out one by one creating a pattern and giving the coat a 3 D effect. 


The front panel has been hand woven from fine wool cultivated and hand weaved in most natural conditions on hill slopes by Munn tribe women with tattooed faces in Myanmar, Chin state.


The belt has been handcrafted from the same handwoven exclusive material used in the front panel, combined with hand knitted cable knit technique.


The long fingerless red gloves with the cable knit snake looking pattern in the middle of the sleeve are handmade only for this coat.


There is only ONE of this coat in the World and one size only

The coat is 36- 38 EU, perfect fit for a Small to Medium size lady.


The coat is made within "Pure Goddess" project of Durga fashion, celebrating nature and Spirit


When you purchase this art haute couture unique luxury coat you are contributing in sustainable and environmentally conscious living, supporting artists and artisans, a small business, cultural heritage, loving nature and participating in the revival of handcrafting.


Custom made orders are welcome.


Ships Worldwide from Amsterdam, Netherlands


Photography: Xander Productions

Model, Make-up, Hair, Styling, Art director: Visual Susana 

Clothing and Styling by Dorit Kozlovski

Location: Pathe Tuschinski Theater, Amsterdam 



Majestic DURGA Hand Painted White Hemp Coat

€1,399.00 Regular Price
€1,119.20Sale Price
  • Very gentle care as it was made very gently too


    No machine wash and no ironing on the fur. Can iron around the fur


    Dry cleaning only




    "As a kid, I had a vivid dream: I was somewhere close to water and in my hands, I was holding a small black snake with light colored markings around its neck. It seemed to be a friendly snake and I knew that it wouldn't bite me.  When I awoke, I was sad to realize it was just a dream, so I decided to find out whether by any chance a species like that really existed. Perhaps I could somehow make the dream come true...

    In our house, I found a large book about reptiles, and to my amazement found a picture of the snake. Not only did it look exactly like the one in my dream, but it turned out to be a grass snake, a non-venomous snake native to my homeland, Finland, and that it usually resides in the vicinity of water.

    Over time, I forgot about this strange coincidence; I grew up, found a job, and moved abroad. Years of living in a foreign country has the tendency to make one curious and reflective about his/her own culture, at least it did for me. I started browsing the internet to learn more about my homeland's history, and while reading an article about Finnish mythology, I rediscovered the grass snake. An article I found said that these snakes were seen as sacred animals by pre-Christian Finns. They were known as "foster snakes", the idea being that having one living near a house, or cattle shed meant good fortune and prosperity for the occupants. People were known to worship them, feed them, and protect them at all costs.

    But what was it doing in my dream? Well, I like to believe that it was my ancestors reaching out to me, hoping to guide me towards an awareness of my roots and the nearly forgotten history of my forefathers – people who lived in harmony with the northern forest, worshipping it and its creatures, respecting it, and even fearing it.

    When presented with the opportunity to tell the world about my culture through an art collaboration, I wanted to contribute by telling the story of the grass snake. I set about creating a piece that combines ancient Finnish beliefs along with subjects that have significance for me on a personal level too. The result is a painting that joins the grass snake with the mystical rowan tree (the tree of the Finnish goddess Rauni) and the blackbird (who was said to carry fire in its beak), both of which were considered to have powers in traditional Finnish culture, and both of which have fascinating stories of their own."- artist Maarit Hänninen 

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