One of a kind "Fractal Imagination /Acid Goddess" Coat


Handmade Organic Hemp Coat


WITH Handwoven Fine Wool fabric obtained from tribal Myanmar artisans, cultivated in the most natural environment in tribal conditions.


The handwoven material was cut into kaleidoscopic ornaments and sewn one by one on hemp.


Small size36-38 EU


This artistic holographic universe coat ships Worldwide from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Acid Goddess DURGA Long Hemp Art Coat

  • Ultimate Psychedelic, Trippy, Hallucinogenic, Acid Queen, Goddess Coat, Trip, Fractal Imagination, Holographic Universe Hemp Coat

    Handwoven organic cotton from Myanmar artisans cut into fragments

    Yellow vibrant ECCENTRIC faux fur

    Bright, Exclusive, Original Durga

    Organic Hemp Coat

    Small size
    36-38 EU

    This coat is made of Universe...which consists of 96% of unknown matter :)

    First 4 photos by Luca Chiapatti

    and Laura Campo de Luna

    Models: Sonia Lawicka, Salomeja and Emilie

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Where to Buy DURGA: 
 DURGA art coats available at Kokopelli Smart Shop/ Gallery, Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam
DURGA clubbing catsuits at FAC Shop, Jodenbreestraat 50, 1011 NM Amsterdam
Durga Universe HQ in Amsterdam,
Schalk Burgerstraat 43,1092 JX 
only by appointment +31617445898

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